Mizuno Technology Inc.

Cold Fusion New Hydrogen Energy

English Introduction

Japanese Introduction

Developing a Novel and Emission-free Continuous Energy Source

Excess Heat

We currently lead the field in excess heat production. We now have safe, controllable, nearly unlimited heat production.


The physics and excess heat production results have been replicated by independent laboratories!

Easy to Use

The mass-produced reactor version is as easy to use as your well-known conventional heating system!

What we do

Mizuno Technology, Inc. (MTI) is a Hokkaido, Japan based start-up company established to commercialize a new, clean energy technology invented, and developed by Tadahiko Mizuno, PhD. The company is based out of Sapporo, Japan.

Once fully developed, this technology will be transformative; giving energy poor societies access to unlimited, clean, and inexpensive energy that will greatly improve their standard of living. The more developed nations will have available the technology to mitigate, or eliminate their CO2 emissions, while delivering green, lower cost energy to their consumer markets.

Tadahiko Mizuno's results have been replicated independently, with more replications presently underway by major multi-national corporations. MTI leads the field in sustainability of the reaction, safety, and excess heat production. We are excited to be moving past the lab research phase, and into the commercial testing phase.

Intellectual Property

We are working with leading global Intellectual Property firms to protect the technology Tadahiko Mizuno invented.

100 kW Version

With just simple engineering and using semiconductor mass production technology the output can be scaled up to large quantities of excess heat, making the technology interesting for wide range of applications.

Temperature / Power Relationship

Output power is exponentially related to operating temperature. Even rudimentary small devices can output 10-15kW of thermal energy which can be converted to steam or to spin super-critical CO2 turbines for producing combined heat and power (CHP) for homes and factories.

Who we are

Tadahiko Mizuno / 水野忠彦, PhD

Physicist, inventor and lead engineer of the technology of Mizuno Technology Inc.

Nakamura Kohei / 中村浩平

Interested in becoming an investor and help Mizuno Technology Inc. to enter the market?